Denis Leary discusses his feelings about President-elect Barack Obama's upcoming inauguration.

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Just like the rest of the panel, Denis says he's excited about President-elect Obama's inauguration next week. Denis says his parents—both immigrants from Ireland who moved to America in the '50s—believed in the opportunity to achieve the American dream. "And, in their case, they did. And they believed in the civil rights movement. I grew up with that," he says. "I don't think I ever really thought, as a white Irish guy, that we would ever get to this point."

Denis says 2008 was also the first election his 19-year-old son was eligible to vote in. "It was really exciting to watch young kids respond to this," he says.

One of the reasons Denis says he came up with the title for Why We Suck is the politics of the past eight years. "When people say, '[Obama is] an elitist.' Or, 'I want a president who's like me.' I don't want a president like me! I suck, okay," he says. "I want an elitist, smart guy."