Oprah announces her top picks for summer.

Summer's almost here, and the Oprah Show producers had an idea to welcome the new season. "My producers pleaded with me to do this topic today, and I didn't want to do it," Oprah says. "So I said, 'Absolutely not. I am not doing Oprah's Favorite Things for summer.'"

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Oprah had second thoughts, however, when she remembered something she discovered recently at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's private club in Palm Beach. "It's definitely something I'll be having this summer, and I definitely want you to have it too. So I said, 'Well, maybe I do have a few favorite things for summer!'"
Mar-a-Lago's executive chef Jeff O'Neill, Oprah and Donald Trump

When Oprah spent a weekend at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate Maya Angelou's 80th birthday, she got a taste of her first summer must-have. "I had what I believe may be the best turkey burger in the entire world," she says. "Before I left, I tracked the chef down to make him tell me what was in it, but Donald Trump said no."

Unwilling to release the secret recipe without top-notch security, Donald's come to the Oprah Show to deliver it himself! He's joined by Mar-a-Lago's executive chef, Jeff O'Neill, who is finally revealing how to make his mouthwatering burger. The secret ingredients? Green apples and chutney. "I couldn't figure it out," Oprah says. "I'm eating the thing, and it's so moist, and there's a sweetness to it that I've never had. Apples and chutney inside the burger. It's unbelievable!"

The Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger will be permanently available at the Trump Bar and Grille in Trump Tower in New York City, open to the public for lunch and dinner. It will also be served during lunch in Chicago at Sixteen, the Trump International Hotel restaurant.

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Top the burger with your regular fixings—ketchup, mustard, relish—but be sure to add Jeff's pear chutney sauce for some extra oomph.

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The Weber Genesis EP-310 gas grill

Unfortunately, Jeff couldn't make his signature turkey burger for the entire Oprah Show audience. They can make their own, though, because everyone is going home with the Weber® Genesis® EP-310™! With three stainless steel burners, a built-in thermometer and a handy warming rack, the grill's features are top-of-the-line. "The best part is that this classic grill now comes in new colors, like my personal favorite," Oprah says. "I love this copper." The grill is also available in black, green and dark blue.

To ensure each turkey burger is grilled to perfection, Weber is throwing in a set of grilling tools for each audience member.

The Weber® Genesis® EP-310™ approximate retail value $849, Weber Style Tongs, $10.99; Weber Style Spatula, $15.99; available at leading hardware, pool and spa and appliance stores. To find a dealer near you, go to weber.com and click on "Dealer Locator."

Tools sold separately: Weber Style Tongs, $10.99; Weber Style Spatula, $15.99, Weber Grill Brush, $7.49
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has become a huge force in the fashion world as a supermodel, jewelry designer and Project Runway host. But when it comes to swimsuits, Heidi thinks less is more. "The smaller, the better," she says. "I don't like to wear too much. When there's no person in sight, it's coming off."

Heidi is sharing the hottest swimsuit fashions for summer, but says not to worry if a certain trend isn't right for you. "I think you should wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable," she says. "So anything kind of goes, really."

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Gayle King and Oprah with the O-ward winners

Since everyone wants a fresh face for summer, the beauty editors at O, The Oprah Magazine scoured hundreds of products to pick the winners of the Spring Makeup O-wards.

"Back when I was a reporter in Baltimore, if I was having a bad day, I'd go buy a new lipstick," Oprah says. "I'd feel like my life is going to be better—I have a new lipstick!"

Gayle King, Oprah's best friend and the editor-at-large of O, The Oprah Magazine, has stopped by to present her favorite of the O-ward winners. When it comes to makeup, Gayle says packaging can be misleading. "Don't you hate it when you get something in very pretty packaging, and then you open it up and the product is not as good?" Gayle asks. "The thing with Yves Saint Laurent is that we thought the packaging was so pretty and we liked all of the products. It was hard to pick just one, so we picked everything in the line—the marbled blush, the lipstick and the eyeshadow."

Another standout is the CoverGirl LashBlast mascara. "This was the first time anybody's come to the offices with a scientist to explain how [the makeup] works," Gayle says. "This is the scientific explanation: A dual polymer system keeps the mascara from migrating underneath your eyes. That's code for it doesn't smudge."

OPI Nic Stick's Paint & Go Nail Lacquer is a portable pen filled with nail polish, perfect for anyone who smudges as soon as they leave the salon.

No one wants to wear heavy makeup in the summer heat, so Gayle's final two favorites made the grade for their light texture. "Clé de Peau lipstick is silky and feels light on your lips," Gayle says. "And I like the fact that it's so sleek and slender in your purse."

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NARS Cosmetics Kabuki Artisan Botan Brush

The O magazine beauty editors aren't the only ones on the hunt for perfect makeup products. Oprah recently found her own new favorite in the NARS Cosmetics Kabuki Artisan Botan Brush. "I love a great brush," she says. "It's perfect for loose powder, for buffing and for blending."

Buying a lot of makeup can be pricey. That's why everyone in the Oprah Show audience is getting all the products from the Spring Makeup O-wards and the NARS brush!

NARS Kabuki Artisan Botan Brush; approximate retail value $75; narscosmetics.com
Travel Channel's Samantha Brown

Summer is the perfect time to take a family vacation. Trips can get expensive in the popular summer months, but Samantha Brown, from Travel Channel's Passport series, has advice for travelers on a budget.   See Samantha's budget-friendly summer travel ideas.Watch

When you're choosing a destination, think outside the box. A big city is a great choice because most of the residents go out of town. "Hotels are cheaper, and it's amazing all the free stuff that happens in a city," Samantha says.

Taking a summer escape to a winter ski resort is another affordable option. "These places are beautiful in the summer," Samantha says. "The hotel deals are excellent because it's the off-season. You can hike, bike, swim or take the ski lift and have a picnic at the top of the mountain."

If you're itching to get to Europe, consider heading to South America instead. "Try Buenos Aires, Argentina," Samantha says. "The city has the look of Paris and the feel of Italy, but the hotels are a third of what you would pay across the Atlantic."

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Balboa Medallion Rolling Duffel by Toss Designs

Packing is a necessity of any summer getaway, and Oprah's new favorite weekender bag by Toss Designs is a perfect travel companion. "It has three cute patterns, but my personal pick is the pink and green Balboa Medallion," Oprah says. "It's made of vinyl, so it's lightweight and easy to clean, and you've got to love the wheels."

Balboa Medallion Rolling Duffel by Toss Designs; approximate retail value $168; tossdesigns.com
Garmin Nuvi 250 navigator in pink

Oprah's next pick is a must-have for those of us who are directionally challenged. "If you watched Gayle and me on our road trip last year, you know there's nothing worse than getting lost," Oprah says. "And we got lost a lot—but you don't have to. We found the perfect road-trip gadget. This is the Garmin Nuvi 250 navigator in pink. It's portable and small enough to fit in your pocket."

Garmin International's Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS Device; approximate retail value $267; 800-800-1020, garmin.com
Courtyard by Marriott gift card

Your bags are packed and your route is set, but where will you stay? The members of Oprah's audience can go almost anywhere—they're each getting a $200 gift card from Courtyard by Marriott to use at any of their nearly 800 properties around the world!

Courtyard by Marriott gift card; 800-813-GIFT, gifts.marriott.com
Oprah's favorite summer cocktail, the Pomegranate Daiquiri

One of the most important aspects of summer is reconnecting with family, so Oprah's determined to bring back the family meal. "Dinner has become something a lot of families just pop in the microwave and wolf down while watching TV," she says. "I think we can all do better than that."

From cocktails to cobblers, chicken to chutney, the O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook features 175 recipes from more than 60 famous chefs, including Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, Colin Cowie and Art Smith. "There are all of the favorite things I love to eat in this cookbook," Oprah says.

Oprah's favorite summer cocktail, the Pomegranate Daiquiri, comes straight from the pages of the O Cookbook. "There's a little taste of summer in every sip," she says.

Get the Pomegranate Daiquiri recipe.

O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook from Hyperion Books; approximate retail value $29.95; available wherever books are sold
Mary J. Blige

Oprah's a huge fan of Mary J. Blige and says Mary's latest album, Growing Pains, is her favorite CD of the summer. The eight-time Grammy winner is in the studio to kick off the summer season with a performance of her song "Stay Down."
'A New Earth'

In January 2008, Oprah announced that A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle would be her 61st Oprah's Book Club selection and that, for the first time in Oprah Show history, she and the book's author would team up to teach online classes about each chapter. Since that day, millions of people have streamed or downloaded the Web classes

Each audience member is walking away with his or her own copy of the book along with the audio CD. "This could be the summer that you begin to change your life," Oprah says. "One of the things that will happen when you read this book or listen to the audio is that it's going to awaken you to your life's purpose. That's why we're all here."

A New Earth is available wherever books are sold or online at penguin.com/anewearth