Liz Lange and Oprah

At Harpo, it seems like there's almost always a baby boom! "There's always somebody pregnant at Harpo. I tell you," Oprah says. "I don't drink the water."

Currently, there are more than a dozen Harpo staffers expecting, and some of them have volunteered to model Liz's favorite fashions. "I sort of selected these looks to show you that there's so many sort-of rules out there that are all meant to be broken," Liz says.
Cindy proves that pregnant women can wear color.

Cindy, the head of Harpo's booking team, and her husband, Jack, a Harpo producer, are expecting their second child on August 6, 2007.

Her beautiful blue dress is proof that pregnant women can pull off color. "Some people think you can't wear color when you're pregnant. Of course you can," Liz says. "This dress we actually made for Vogue. It's in the April 2007 Vogue now and you look phenomenal."
Jennifer mixes up her outfit for a sexy look.

Jennifer, who works in Harpo's audio department, is due any day!

Liz says that mixing up your wardrobe can keep you looking sexy right up until your due date. "If you wear a cropped jacket, you can actually wear something longer underneath and that will give you a little coverage but still sexiness," Liz says. "You're celebrating. This is a sexy, happy time. I mean, my gosh, how did you get pregnant in the first place?"
Anna demonstrates that horizontal stripes are a maternity 'do.'

Liz says horizontal stripes are definitely a maternity "do." Anna, who works for Oprah's Angel Network, is four months pregnant with her first child and looks great!

Instead of making Anna look bigger, the stripes actually have a slimming effect. "You look totally thin," Liz says.
Sara is wearing an affordable maternity outfit.

Sara, who is part of Harpo's studio crew, is seven months pregnant. Liz says Sara's outfit proves that you can get a great wardrobe for not a lot of money.

Sara is wearing a top from the Liz Lange Collection—which runs between $100 and $150—but her stretch jeans are available at Target for only $25! "So it's not like you have to spend a fortune, and you get a great look," Liz says.
Tina embraces large prints.

Tina, who works in Harpo's production department, is eight and a half months pregnant. Liz says that pregnant women can embrace large prints. "People think they have to shy away from prints," Liz says. "Actually, when you wear a print like this and you wear it sort-of head to toe, it's very slimming."

Liz says there are simple ways to make yourself feel less self-conscious in a print as well. "If you're uncomfortable about your arms, as many pregnant women are, … wear a cardigan that's not even maternity. If you don't want—you don't even have to button it."
Kathleen models a basic black dress.

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that your wardrobe staples have to change. Kathleen—who works in creative services and has a baby girl due on April 25, 2007—is wearing a little black dress that costs less than $30!

"I think a black dress is the backbone of every woman's wardrobe, pregnant or not," Liz says. "You kind of want that little black dress, or maybe in this case it's not so little, but this dress could take you anywhere, day or night. You could even go black tie."