The Hawk family was addicted to heroin.

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In September 2008, Lisa Ling visited Richland County, Ohio, an area that, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, is in the grips of a heroin epidemic. While she was there, Lisa met the Hawk family—parents Mike and Darla and their teenage sons, Michael and Matt, were all hooked on heroin. Their 13-month-old son, Cayden, wasn't addicted, but Mike and Darla said they often took him along for drug runs. They even shot up while he was in the car. 

Mike, Darla, Michael and Matt all said they wanted to get help and stop using. Four drug treatment centers agreed to take one family member each, and Darla was able to take Cayden with her.

It's been five months since the Hawks left for rehab, and Lisa Ling is following up to see how their recovery is going.