Carolyn and Oprah

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A year and a half after the gruesome shooting, Terrence was tried for the murder of Carolyn's mom and attempted murder of Carolyn. He was convicted and received the maximum of two life sentences in prison.

After the jury delivered their verdict, Carolyn read a statement to the man who robbed her of her outer beauty, but not her spirit. "Terrence," she said, "since you did this to me, I have learned that what does not kill you in life will make you stronger. You took away from me the one thing that I loved so dearly, and that was my mother. At least you get to see your mother even if you are in prison. Can you even imagine what it was like for me to wake up in the hospital and learn that not only was my mother dead, but that I had lost half my face? I have decided to take my life back, and I want you to know that you no longer have control over me. I can honestly say that I forgive you. The world now knows me as the woman without a face. I would rather be remembered as the woman who would be a survivor."