It all began as a dream. One night while she slept, Stephenie Meyer, a mother of three, envisioned a beautiful male vampire and a human girl having an intimate conversation in a meadow. When she awoke, she jotted down the scene on a piece of paper. This vivid dream became Chapter 13 of Twilight, the first book in Stephenie's best-selling four-part series.

In 2005, readers were sucked into Stephenie's fantastical world of vampires and werewolves and swept off their feet by the epic love story that's central to the story. In Twilight, a headstrong teen named Bella Swan falls for Edward Cullen, a tortured vampire who doesn't age. Edward and Bella become intertwined in a heated love triangle with Jacob, Bella's best friend who also happens to be a werewolf with abs of steel. But, to protect Bella from evil bloodsuckers, Jacob and Edward must join forces.

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The series' old-fashioned romance, action-packed battles and passionate depiction of first love have fans hooked. More than 85 million copies of Stephenie's books have been sold, and in 2008, the first book came to life on the big screen.

The first two installments of the Twilight Saga film series have shattered box office records around the world. Almost overnight, the young actors who play Edward, Bella and Jacob in the films—Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner—have become some of the most sought-after actors on the planet.

The very mention of these names sends some fans—sometimes known as Twi-hards—into a frenzy. In anticipation of the release of the series' third installment, Eclipse, Oprah talks about the worldwide phenomenon with the stars themselves, Robert, Kristen and Taylor.


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