Baylie and Corey

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Baylie and Corey know exactly how to manipulate their parents. "I think I have a good strategy to get what I want," Corey says, showing off his two guitars, drum set, PlayStation, Xbox and three skateboards. "I'm on my seventh cell phone. My newest phone has a picture caller I.D. on the front," he says.

Baylie is on her "third or fourth" cell phone but her proudest possession is her designer handbag. "My favorite thing that my parents bought me recently is my Dooney & Bourke purse," she says. "I want a Coach purse."

Where does Baylie get her appetite for high-end accessories? "I don't carry a Coach purse," Brandie says. She believes her daughter is trying to keep up with her peers.

Does Baylie realize she's overindulged? "I might be a little spoiled...I'm a lot spoiled," she says.