Daniel and Brandie Legaard

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Well-intentioned parents who want to give their children everything can relate to the Legaard family. Brandie and Danny say they just can't say no to their two out-of-control children, Baylie and Corey.

"The kids are absolutely spoiled," Brandie says. "It's never enough." What happens when the kids do get "no" for an answer? "We nicknamed Baylie 'Hagatha,'" says Brandie, "because any time she doesn't get her way, she turns into, basically, a little witch."

As "the temper tantrum drama queen," Baylie begs constantly and throws fits. At a friend's birthday party, Baylie tells her mom she needs more money. When Brandie says no, Baylie says she will take the money out of Brandie's purse.

Brandie and Danny's son also knows how to get his way. "It will be a thousand times asking for the same thing with Corey," says Danny, "until you finally just say, 'Fine!'"

"I feel like if we don't set limits with the kids and get our spending under control, not only will we be completely financially depleted," Danny says, "but we also are not showing the kids how to use money, how to save money—so we're not properly raising them."