Colin was shot three times.

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Colin says Cho left only to return 10 minutes later and walk down different rows shooting people. Again, Colin says, the gunman came to his row and shot him in the shoulder and the hip. "I squealed and I squirmed, you know, when I got hit, but that was one of the last bullets I heard. I heard one or two more shots towards the front of the room and then it was quiet," Colin says. "The next thing you know, the police were kicking the door trying to get in. As soon as they opened the door, they said, 'Shooter down! Shooter down!' So apparently ... one of the last bullets was for himself in the front of the classroom."

At first, Colin says it didn't hurt when he was shot because he was in so much shock. Did he ever think he was going to die? "I've taken three bullets and I'm still here," Colin says. "So I plan on keep going."

Colin is scheduled to have a rod implanted in his leg. "Good luck, buddy," Lisa says.