Lisa Ling reports from Virginia Tech's campus.

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Oprah Show correspondent Lisa Ling is on campus, where she says many students are on their way home to be with their families. "Understandably, they need a break from this and many won't return until classes resume," Lisa says.

Lisa says being on campus has been a surreal experience. "[There are] a lot of days filled with sorrow and confusion, but really also a lot of pride and support," she says.

Initially when Lisa heard the gunman was a resident alien from Korea, she says "her heart sunk" because she was concerned about retaliation against anyone who looked Asian. "I talked to a number of Korean students here on campus and they were just absolutely devastated and many of their families were calling from as far away as Korea to tell them to leave campus immediately because they, too, were concerned about any kind of backlash."

Fortunately, Lisa says there seems to be an environment of love, not backlash. "The students here have been tremendously supportive of everything that's happened and all the students here as well," she says.