Darrell Scott, Craig and Rachel's father, says everyone has the power to make the choice of where to focus their attention in times of crisis. For example, he says, "Craig made a choice to make a difference."

Together, Darrell and Craig run Rachel's Challenge, a group dedicated to stopping school violence. "We lead challenges from dealing with prejudice to reaching out to that lone kid in the cafeteria and reporting when there is something out of the ordinary," Darrell says. "And we've seen incredible lives touched and changed."

When there are kids who are alone and angry, Craig says it's important to combat the negativity with love. "It's going to take ... a heart connection to bring him back to human touch. And that's what we try to do and try to bring a real story in," Craig says. "And I hope that with the families in Virginia Tech that they ... have 33 wonderful stories of beautiful people and beautiful memories and stories to hold onto."

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