Jaci and Bobby

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Jaci and Bobby were passengers on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship as well. They met Jennifer and George the first day of the cruise, and the two couples saw each other often over the next six days. This is the first time Jaci and Bobby are publicly sharing their account of what happened the night George vanished.

"They were just so lovely and kind and nice," Jaci says. "[They] seemed so in love." Jaci says she spent time with Jennifer and George at the casino that night around 2:30 a.m., right before the newlyweds left for the bar and Jennifer's memories of that evening lapse. Jaci says the two "absolutely" did not appear to be drunk. "They say I'm FBI," she says. "I smell everything—I have teenagers. I didn't [sense they had been drinking] at all. In fact, her words were perfect, her conversation. ... [George] did not seem at all intoxicated, as far as I was concerned."

"What do I think [happened]?" Jaci says. "It couldn't have been an accident. I've been on 28 cruises. Never one time [has anyone just gone] over."

"While [Jaci is] talking favorably about Jennifer and George," Gayle points out, "you'll find other couples who say, 'I saw them. They were fighting; it was very nasty.' ... But after meeting her and talking to [Jennifer], I believed her."