Jennifer Hagel-Smith

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Jennifer regrets that she can't offer investigators and family members more information. "Everybody wants more from me. I want more from me," she says. "Why don't I have more? Why don't I have the answer? I do feel guilty that I'm alive and he's not. I would trade places with him in an instant."

Jennifer wishes the media would stop exaggerating the sensational aspects of the story and instead help in the effort to find answers. Unsatisfied with the cruise line's handling of the case, she's hired a top forensic expert. "I want to know what happened to my husband," Jennifer says. She's also taken and passed a polygraph and is frustrated by the public's continued focus on her. On the other hand, she says, "[I] just want to say, forget everybody. I just lost George. Why do I even care what [people] think anyway? Why do I even care about what the world thinks about me? This is about George."