Jennifer and George

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It's a headline-making mystery that has people all around the world asking questions. In June 2005, after a three-year courtship, Jennifer Hagel and George Smith were married on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Newport, Rhode Island. The young couple then set sail on a dream honeymoon—a luxury cruise through the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.

In the early morning hours of July 5, Jennifer and George were gambling, drinking and enjoying their first few days of married life—until their blissful union was torn apart. Just a few hours later, George disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Details of the evening's events are hazy. Some witnesses claim the couple was extremely intoxicated. They say Jennifer and George argued before going their separate ways. Jennifer has no memory of the evening and what happened to her husband. Jennifer was found at 4:30 a.m. unconscious in a corridor and was taken back to her room by security officers. When she woke the next day, George was nowhere to be found. Amid the controversy and speculation, a basic timeline has been established:

4 a.m.: George returns to his room. This is the last time anyone admits seeing him alive. Shortly after, a vacationing police officer in an adjacent room hears loud voices and a commotion. Security comes but hears nothing and leaves.

4:20 a.m.: More commotion is heard in the Smiths' cabin. A neighbor hears what he describes as a "horrific thud."

4:30 a.m.: Jennifer is discovered unconscious in a corridor a considerable distance from her own cabin. Crew members helped Jennifer back to her room in a wheelchair. They see nothing out of the ordinary in the cabin.

7 a.m.: A passenger snaps a picture of a blood stain on a metal overhang below the Smiths' cabin.

8 a.m.: Jennifer wakes up in her room and makes her way to the spa for a couples' massage appointment—without George.

Was George murdered? Was his bride somehow involved? Oprah's best friend Gayle King sits down with Jennifer Hagel-Smith.