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Oprah's Hilarious Practical Jokes
Oprah Show makeovers usually involve high-end salons, designer clothes and jaw-dropping reveals...but not this time! In 2002, actor and funnyman Jamie Kennedy helped Oprah pull off one of the few pranks in Oprah Show history.

Tacky clothes, over-the-top wigs and gaudy accessories were all part of the plan. To pull one over on Susan, a 51-year-old grandmother, Jamie transformed himself into a New Age beauty guru and gave her an awful goth makeover. "You can use this look when you pick up your grandkids from kindergarten, around the house...just kickin' it," Jamie told Susan. 

But, when Susan looked in the mirror and saw black leather and dark makeup, she was practically speechless. "This is really not me," she said. Luckily, after Jamie topped off the look with an animal-print cowboy hat, he revealed the gag.