Teyanna and Ric

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Teyanna is another bride-to-be who says she has serious doubts about getting married to her fiancé, Ric, whom she's been with on and off for eight years. "I hate to hurt him by letting him know I have doubts," Teyanna says. "So instead, I smile and pretend to be the good little fiancée, all the while losing more of myself."

Teyanna says she wasn't able to be her true self until her mother passed away two years ago. "I was always the sheltered person—not going anywhere, not doing anything—but I started to come out of my shell and wanted to go places and do things, and he's more of the type that wants to stay home," she says.

Dr. Robin says Ric runs the risk of taking the blame if Teyanna continues to compromise her sense of self. "We want to say, 'It's the man, it's his fault,' but we don't realize that a shrinking woman—who can't be big in who she is, whoever that is—is not a partner you want," Dr. Robin tells Ric.

"This is your opportunity to find out who you really are," Dr. Robin tells Teyanna.