Meghan and Chris

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Meghan is a bride-to-be who says she has doubts about getting married to her fiancé, Chris. "Going into my 30s, I became very attached to who I was. It became a source of pride for me to be single, and I wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that until Chris came along," Meghan says. "At first I really thought of it as a death of my former life and now I realize that I wasn't completely wrong."

With their wedding just a month away, Meghan says she's considered calling off the ceremony several times but that she and Chris have agreed to move forward with their plans no matter what.

Although Meghan and Chris have a lot of money invested in their wedding, Dr. Robin says their lives are worth more than money. She says Meghan needs to be willing to give herself more time to decide. "You haven't given yourself the option to wait," Dr. Robin says. "You're saying, 'I have to do this.' And to feel that you have to do it means that somehow you're feeling that you don't have a choice."