Dr. Robin Smith

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Like Kristin, psychologist Dr. Robin Smith is coming forward to reveal the story of her divorce for the first time. Oprah says this is a side of Dr. Robin she's never seen.

When Dr. Robin was 18 years old, she began dating her future husband and was engaged by age 23. "We went to the same church. We were part of the same community. We were the golden couple that everyone's hopes were in," she says.

On her wedding day, Dr. Robin says she believed that marriage would make her happier and validate her existence. She was wrong, she now says.

"Two becoming one was part of my own fantasy," Dr. Robin says. "I didn't realize that meant I was going to end up not existing. We were married for five years, and it ended traumatically because we were too young and didn't know how to repair what was broken."

In her book, Lies at the Altar: The Truth About Great Marriages, Dr. Robin discusses promises that couples make but can't keep.