Kristin Armstrong

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Kristin says that she lost a part of herself during her marriage to Lance, but she's slowly putting her pieces back together. A big part of the healing process has been to remember the things she loves most in life. "I forgot my own list of things that I liked and loved about myself and about my life [during my marriage]," she says.

Now, Kristin can rattle off a long list of things that make her happy ... "I love God, my family, my friends, red wine, fireworks, going for a long, sweaty run, laughing until no sound comes out and...taking my time."

Wives everywhere should stay true to themselves and make their opinions known, she says. In her article, Kristin writes, "If your husband asks what you think, tell him. If you have a preference, voice it. If you have a question, ask it. If you want to cry, bawl. If you need help, raise your hand and jump up and down."

Lance and Kristin have been divorced since 2003, but she says their relationship is good. "Lance and I need to go forward honoring each other because that's the way that we can still show our children that love is lasting and love is unconditional."