After her first season on Ally McBeal, Portia was offered another big opportunity: She was going to be the face of L'Oreal. Calling it a "huge moment" in her career, Portia was excited when she was sent to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to get fitted for a commercial. However, the day soon took a bad turn.

Portia was sent to a dressing room to try on jackets and skirts, and to her embarrassment, all of them were too small. After trying on a dozen suits, it became clear to everyone—the costume designer, the tailor and her manager—that Portia's body did not match up with her stated measurements.

"The executives from L'Oreal wondered why they hadn't seen any photographs of any of the outfits I was going to wear, so they walked into the fitting and the costume designer, in frustration, turned to them and yelled, 'Nobody told me she was a size 8!'" Portia says. "And at that moment, I have never felt so humiliated in my whole life."

Portia walked out to her car with her manager, who she assumed would comfort her somehow. Instead, Portia says her manager turned to her and said: "Just face it, honey, you have big legs. Just face it."


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