In 1991, retired police sergeant Sanford Strong came on The Oprah Show and shared this life-saving tip: If you are being attacked, never let them take you to a second crime scene. "Rule number one—and frankly, it's probably, in my opinion, the most important: Never allow them to take you anywhere else. Never," says Sanford. "Because crime scene number two is going to be isolated, you won't choose it, you'll be the focus of the crime." 

Eight years after watching this show, Oprah Show viewer Lynne was attacked by a career criminal. She says Sanford's advice flashed through her mind, and she decided she had to fight back. "I wouldn't go with him. And I said to him at that moment, 'If you're going to kill me, kill me here and kill me now, because I'm not going with you.' I fought him, and I survived." 

Lynne says he ran off and was later captured by police, who found out that he had kidnapped and murdered a woman the week before.


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