The Bra Revolution

Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Chances are they do—eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra! Not only can the right bra eliminate sagging, it can make you appear slimmer and take years off your looks. "Women of America," Oprah declares, "you need to rise up and get a proper bra fitting."

As the next step in our bra revolution, part of The Oprah Winfrey Show studio has been transformed into Oprah's Bra Boutique! Each member of the audience is going to receive a proper fitting from a member of the Nordstrom bra brigade. With 8,000 bras on hand, everyone is sure to find the perfect fit.
Oprah's Bra Boutique

 These shoppers may look cute and stylish, but beneath their chichi jackets and snazzy sweaters are unsightly undergarments—Oprah even uncovers straps held together with safety pins! Some women continue to wear nursing bras even though they're no longer nursing. And trying on bras is a completely new experience for one shopper—her husband buys her bras for her...on eBay!

Almost every woman is guilty of wearing a bra that is too large in bandwidth and too small in the cup. It's tempting to get hung up on cup size, Oprah says—she's been there. "I was in a C for years," she admits. "I thought only strippers were Ds." How can you tell if your cup is the right size? Your breasts should fill the cup but not spill or pop over. Your band is too big if it rides up in the back or causes your straps to fall.

Updated and uplifted, everyone's breasts now have the support they deserve. It's a "bra-ha!" moment for all!
Kirstie Alley's 'bunny earmuffs'

When Kirstie Alley stops by the boutique to get sized, she has some fun before settling down to the business of selecting the perfect bra. Is she a B? How about a C? Kirstie gets big news. Watch and learn! Watch
Bra expert Susan Nethero

Renowned bra expert Susan Nethero, owner of the Intimacy Boutiques in Atlanta, New York and Chicago, has hoisted, squeezed and adjusted more than 100,000 pairs of breasts. She's shared her bra shopping advice, and now she's here to reveal her picks for the best bras for every body type. To show off these bras are Oprah's favorite underwear models...the Dove® girls! See their best-dressed breasts.
Dove girl Stacy

First up is Stacy, who had been wearing a 34B. What's her true size? 32C! The Elle MacPherson "Coranto" demi (or half bra) she's wearing is good for A to D cups. A contour liner provides a push-up effect—great for women with small to average size busts.
Dove girl Gina

Gina was a 36DD, but now she's wearing a 34E. "E for excellent," she points out.

The Chantelle "Graphie" bra has a smooth surface perfect with T-shirts. It also works well for women with A to E cups. "This bra is great for anybody who needs a little extra lift," Susan says, "anybody who's lost a little firmness." The contour lining provides shape, and the logo detailing is beautiful!
Dove girl Lindsey

Lindsey thought she was 36DD, but now she's a 34H! Her Prima Donna "Zanzibar" bra provides strong support along with feminine details. It's perfect for women with D to H cups.

"A lot of women who are fuller chested like myself have problems with the straps digging in," Lindsey says. "With this bra, it's not like that. It's perfect!"

Susan says that women who have trouble finding large bras in regular shops might have better luck in high-end boutiques.
Dove girl Julie

Julie went from a 36B to a 34D! Her Felina "Hint of Skin" bra is completely seamless. "Every woman should have seamless bras in their wardrobe for T-shirts, for summer, for winter—any time you have something sheer," Susan says. Because the bra rests midway down Julie's back, lift is maximized and back fat is eliminated.

This particular style runs from A to D, but there are contour seamless bras available in larger cup sizes from Chantelle. Brands like iBra from Wacoal also offer great seamless options.
Dove girl Shanel

Shanel was wearing a 34D, but she's really a 32E. Her Freya "Tallulah" bra is great for big-breasted women. "You don't get sexy bras like this in my size," Shanel says. The demi plunge cup is perfect for low-cut necklines—and the "gate back" provides tremendous lift.