In the ever-growing world of gadgets, it seems almost impossible to keep up. Technology whiz Omar Wasow has waded through the sea of products to show Oprah the two he thinks stand out.

vusix 310 The Vuzix Wrap 310 looks like a regular pair of sunglasses, but put them on and you can watch an entire movie! "They create the experience of watching a wide-screen, 55-inch TV from 10 feet away, inside your glasses," Omar says. "You can hook it up to a video game for your kids to play when on the go. Even if you wanted to watch a movie and your significant other was asleep next to you, you can watch it and not bother them at all." The Vuzix Wrap 310 costs $250.

Livescribe Smartpen Omar is a student now, and this new gadget offers up a creative solution to a common problem. "I'm always struggling, do I take notes on my computer or on paper?" The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is his solution. It looks like a pen, but it has a camera in the front to record what you're writing. "It's also got a very powerful microphone," Omar says. "So as you are writing, it records all of the audio being said all around." Once you're done, just put the pen in its cradle and it easily transfers the information to your computer. "If you're a student or you're in a meeting or you're interviewing somebody, it allows you to never miss a word." The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen costs $200.

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