Renée Zellweger
"[It was like] huge just white noise, you know? I just went white. I knew what you're supposed to do. I knew that now's the point where you try not to fall going up the stairs and try not to forget all the people who were responsible for your standing there," says Renée Zellweger, who won an Academy Award® for her work in Cold Mountain. "And the guy down below in the orchestra [pit], he was the conductor and he was having a conversation with everybody about what was going to happen next, and with the acoustics the way they were, I don't think anyone else could hear him but me. But it was really loud! He was, like, 'Okay. So next it's going to be this.' And I was trying desperately not to forget my mom, you know? It was quite a moment, actually. Quite a moment."