Oprah and Jennifer Aniston

Rumor Control
Oprah is used to seeing her face splashed across the cover of tabloid magazines, but she says sometimes the rumors get so out of hand, she has to separate fact from fiction. One such rumor has spread so quickly that even members of Oprah's staff are asking if it's true!

Recent headlines claim that Oprah's planning an $8 million wedding for her friend Jennifer Aniston , who is reportedly dating actor Vince Vaughn. The tabloids go into elaborate detail about the "wedding of the century," even saying that Oprah is giving the couple a $1 million gift and has hired cellist Yo-Yo Ma to perform at the ceremony.

Oprah takes an important call at the studio to clear up these rumors, once and for all. Jennifer, who's currently starring in the movie Friends with Money , calls in to say the story is not true.

"[The rumors] are so unbelievable," Jennifer says. "For us, I guess, at a certain point, you have no other choice but to think it's funny."
Oprah and Stedman

Another tabloid report that caught Oprah's eye claims that Stedman, her partner of more than 20 years, walked out on her after a bitter fight. The photos that accompany the story show Oprah dropping Stedman off at the airport. What was she really saying to him in the picture? "I was asking him, 'Are you sure you have your ticket?,'" she says.

Oprah assures her audience that if she ever has real relationship troubles, they'll hear it from her before reading about it in the supermarket checkout line.

"Here's the real deal," Oprah says. "We've been [together] since, like, 1865 and never once broke up. And if we ever do, I'll tell you this, I promise that the night it happens—if it ever happens—I will come on TV the next day and tell you."
Oscar de la Renta, fashion designer

Fashion Icon Oscar de la Renta
If Oprah ever decides to get married, she says there's only one designer she'd ask to create her wedding gown…the legendary Oscar de la Renta. For more than 40 years, Oscar's couture gowns and classic designs have lit up the runways in New York, Paris and Milan, as well as Hollywood's red carpets. His celebrity clientele includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Penélope Cruz and many more!

Oscar says all of his designs are created with the woman's figure in mind…and that's what Oprah loves about them! "They're for real women," she says.

"My clothes have been about dressing a woman who feels proud to be a woman," he says.
Oscar de la Renta, fashion designer

When Oscar began designing, his fashions were much different than they are today—and so were the women who bought his gowns. "Today we are dressing a woman who doesn't have to go to her husband and say, 'Can I buy that dress?'" Oscar says. "She can [make] her own choices."

With today's career woman in mind, Oscar designs clothes that can be worn to the office and then to a cocktail party or dinner with friends. "Today a woman knows that going into the workplace and being a woman and exercising the power of her femininity is fantastic," he says.

What fashion rules should modern women follow? "First of all, never follow any advice of anyone but your own," he says. "Look at yourself in the mirror. … What is most important is to really project your own sense of individuality."
Eliza and Moises, Oscar de la Renta's children

Oscar's fashion empire—which also includes fragrances, handbags, shoes and home décor—is a family affair. His daughter, Eliza, is the vice president of licensing, as well as her father's "muse." Oscar says Eliza was the one who inspired him to create designs that appeal to a younger clientele.

"Today I'm dressing the mothers, the grandmothers, the daughters and the granddaughters," Oscar says. "That is what makes my business so successful."

Moises, Oscar's adopted son, is taking trendy to the next level. He's integrating hip t-shirts and jeans into the de la Renta line.

"For me, it's so wonderful [that] my family is working with me," Oscar says.
Oscar de la Renta, fashion designer

Backstage at one of Oscar's fashion shows, he faces the hardest part of his job—eliminating dresses that don't make the cut. "My biggest problem is that the dress that everybody hates is the dress I like," he says. "I feel sorry for the dress … you become emotionally involved."

Oscar says his work has only become more difficult over the years. "Younger designers [are] doing great work. Every year you have to do your very best," he says. "I have learned to be a stronger critic of what I do…but sometimes the fear [of failure] is there. But without the fear, there would not be the creativity."
Oscar de la Renta's home

Inside Oscar's Home
When Oscar wants to escape the frenzy of the fashion industry, he travels to his beautiful beach house in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. His lavish estate is located on the island where he was born. "This is where my heart is," he says. "Punta Cana is the place that I love."

Inside Oscar's home, you'll find stacks of books in almost every room. His wife, Annette, is an avid reader and believes that books add warmth to a home. Outside, there's a small chapel where the family has Mass, plus a swimming pool and a garden full of orchids.

The oceanfront house is only one room deep with terraces on each side. Oscar designed it this way because he loves the outdoors. "Every morning when I come out from my bedroom, I look outside and I say, 'God, thank you,'" Oscar says. "I have received a great gift of God by allowing me to be here. I enjoy it as much as I can."