Nadya Suleman, known to most as the “octomom,” is one of the most controversial mothers in America. In April of 2010, she invited Oprah Show cameras into her home for a rare glimpse inside her hectic life raising 14 children. At the time, Nadya confessed she was running out of money and didn’t know where her next paycheck was coming from. She insisted that she would not exploit her children by putting them on a reality TV show. “From the beginning, I’ve always been consistent with this,” she said. “I would never do a reality show.”

Months later, she sent an emotional and desperate letter to Oprah. She wrote that she was financially destitute, emotionally depleted and suffering from constant anxiety attacks. On top of this, she said she feared her family was on the road to homelessness and that she felt like a hypocrite for contemplating offers to feature her children on reality TV.

In an effort to help, Oprah suggested that Nadya get a financial intervention from money powerhouse Suze Orman.


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