After the game, Drew brought his 13-month old son, Baylen, on the field. "I was telling him how much I loved him and what an inspiration he is for me and just kind of saying: 'We did it. We did it, little boy,'" Drew says. "I'm such a proud father, and just like any parent would say, you feel like you just have the most beautiful child in the world."

In 2005, Drew injured his shoulder, and some critics said his throw wasn't what it needed to be for him to come back to the game and succeed, but he showed them. "Every person in our position has at some point down the road, somebody's told you you can't do it, for whatever reason—you're not talented enough or whatever," he says. "Sure, you use that for motivation, but for me it's really about the people that did believe in me and gave me confidence to accomplish what we've been able to accomplish. Those are the people that I play for. ... I just want to make them proud."


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