Depressed woman and man  Depression in Men and Women
Although it's the same condition, depression can cause different symptoms in men and women.

Get the facts from psychiatrist Gail Saltz

Depressed woman looking out a window  Are You Depressed or Just Sad?
Pessimistic, grouchy, bored, blue? Chronic low-grade depression can feel so familiar you don't even know you've got it.

Learn about low-grade depression

Depressed woman  3 Types of Depression
Identify the different types of depression with Dr. Oz's list of warning signs and symptoms.

Face the facts 

Depressed woman looking out window  10 Ways to Reduce the Effects of Depression
You've probably heard that exercise and sunlight help reduce the symptoms of depression. But what about bananas?

Tips you can use

Touching hands  How to Help a Depressed Loved One
Get the expert advice you need to help a relative or loved one out of the darkness.

How to help

Pills in the shape of a smiley face  New Ways to Treat Depression
Nearly 25 years after the Prozac revolution, scientists are seeking more effective ways to loosen the grip of depression.

Discover new methods

Woman on a sofa  Take Control of Your Depression
Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra shares several ways to take action and help your mood.

Read Deepak's advice

Deepak Chopra  Positive Lifestyle Changes and Depression
When it comes to depression and anxiety, a prescription may not be the only answer.

Find alternatives

Dr. Oz  4 Myths About Antidepressants
Should antidepressants make you feel happy all the time? Is depression all about serotonin?

Dr. Oz answers your questions

Woman writing in a journal  How to Deal with Your Child's Suicide
It's every parent's nightmare, and the devastation is overwhelming—but there are ways to begin to cope.

Discover coping mechanisms

Sad woman  5 Ways to Overcome Hopelessness
Are there times you just feel like giving up? If you catch yourself saying, "Why bother?" you're not alone.

Say goodbye to sadness


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