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When Jim Boylan was 6 years old, he knew he was different from other little boys because he often dreamed of being a girl. It was a crushing burden, and all along he hoped that love would cure him. During his teens, Jim tried to fit in. In college, he continued to keep up the front that he was a regular guy. He moved to New York and became a writer, but he was secretly dressing as a woman, hiding it from everyone who knew him as Jim. In graduate school, he continued the facade until he met a woman and fell in love.

They eventually got married, but his bride had no idea about Jim's secret life. He threw away all of his female materials: skirts, perfumes and makeup. They moved to Maine and started a family. After 10 years of marriage, Jim's thoughts of becoming a woman returned, and he realized that he could no longer ignore the feelings burning inside him.

Jim now faced the most difficult conversation of his life. After long, tearful discussions with his wife, Jim decided to become a woman. Female hormones altered his emotions and morphed his body. After a year, Jim completed the transition with full sex change surgery, and changed his name to Jenny.

When Jenny first told her story to Oprah and in her book, She's Not There, she called her wife "Grace." At the time, Jenny's wife did not appear on the show because she was still coming to terms with these events. Now Deedie, her real name, remains married to Jenny. And Deedie is ready to tell her side of this intriguing story.