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Debbie says she's recruited girls to participate in the notorious Girls Gone Wild  videos—a racy series featuring explicit images of young women on spring break. Debbie says she easily persuaded dozens of girls to flash private body parts or perform lewd acts in front of the camera—the more explicit the scene, the more Debbie says she got paid.

Debbie says she would say whatever was necessary to convince girls to participate in these videos. "I didn't feel like what I was doing was really bad. ... I thought, you know what, it's their choice. If they're going to get drunk, I thought that's their prerogative."

Even though the girls themselves don't get paid to appear on tape, Debbie says most of the girls she talked to seemed excited to participate. "I'm sure that some of them regretted it," Debbie says. "The majority of the girls though, surprisingly enough, were pretty happy about what they did. Even girls I talked about it with afterward [said] it was their 15 seconds of fame."