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Citing the Girls Gone Wild girls as an example, Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture says that women are exploiting themselves and other women. "If male chauvinist pigs of years past treated women like pieces of meat, now we're doing it all by ourselves," says Ariel.

Ariel says the rise of the "female chauvinist" is partly generational. "Whether your mother is a right wing evangelical Christian or an old school feminist, if you're flashing on spring break, you're probably going to tick her off," says Ariel.

Teenage rebellion aside, Ariel says there's a much bigger picture. "This is a culture that is obsessed with consumerism," she says. "We think we can buy anything. We can reduce sexuality to something that can be bought and sold like polyester underpants and implants."

Ariel says young women are specifically imitating women in the sex industry, not just celebrities. "Those are women whose job it is to imitate real female sexual pleasure and power, so when we're imitating an imitation, we're getting pretty far removed from authentic experience."