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Hida says when she was growing up, she always felt different. "I was more aggressive than other girls," she says. "I really did play and compete more like the boys."

When she was 27, Hida read an article about intersex people and realized that it was referring to people like her. But her condition is different than Katie's. Hida has two X chromosomes, so her body is biologically female. But her body also produces higher levels of testosterone, which is responsible for her male traits. "My clitoris is large enough that it resembles a small penis," Hida says.

Though Hida says she may have identified with boys in some ways, she never wanted to be a boy. "I wasn't really a tomboy in the same way that a lot of non-intersex girls I know were tomboys. Like, I didn't wear boys' clothes growing up. I went to Catholic school, I had the uniform. I didn't have a problem with the skirt."

Now, Hida says she feels and looks "more male" or "more female" in different situations.