Clara and David Harris

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It was the videotape seen around the world—a scorned wife running over her husband with her Mercedes in a hotel parking lot, killing him. A debate raged throughout the country: Was it cold-blooded murder or a justified crime of passion? Who was the woman behind the wheel and what drove this loving wife and mother to the brink?

Clara Harris was born in Columbia, South America. In her 20s, she moved to Houston where she built her own American dream. Clara became a successful dentist and even won a beauty contest. But she says her greatest achievement was marrying the love of her life, David Harris, a charming orthodontist. Clara and David launched a booming dental practice together. They had beautiful twin boys, a gorgeous mansion and what seemed like a loving 10-year marriage. But in an instant, Clara's fairy-tale life was shattered. David confessed he was having an affair with his office receptionist. Eight days later, he was dead.