She was a famous, feather-haired beauty. He was an Oscar®-nominated movie star. Together, they shared one of the most epic, roller-coaster romances in Hollywood history.

It was around 1980 when Ryan O'Neal met Farrah Fawcett—10 years after his life-changing role in Love Story and soon after Farrah ended her run on the hit TV series Charlie's Angels.

"I never saw two more beautiful, madly in love people in my life," says Ali MacGraw, Ryan's Love Story co-star. "It was electrifying to be in their orbit."

Ryan and Farrah officially became a couple in 1982 and were together for 15 years. During this time, Farrah gave birth to Ryan's son, Redmond.

In 1997, Ryan and Farrah went through a difficult, public breakup, but they didn't stay apart for long. They reunited in 2001 and stayed together until Farrah's death in 2009, closing the final chapter on their real-life, 30-year love story.


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