Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson's warmth, wit and style radiate on and off the big screen. She's the force behind two of the highest-grossing movies of all time—My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mamma Mia!—and a style columnist for Harper's Bazaar magazine. When she's not producing, acting or writing, this down-to-earth fashionista is busy raising her teenage sons with her husband of 21 years, Tom Hanks.

Rita's passion for fashion began at an early age. "My mom sewed everything for us when we were growing up, so we would go down to the fabric store, we'd pick out the material, the patterns," she says. "She taught me about quality and cost and fabrics and textures and things that were comfortable."

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Fashion can be intimidating, so Rita's brought along her style squad to help women look their best at every age. "My first tip is be true to your own personal sense of style," she says. "You know what feels good on you. You know what looks good on you."

Cindy before

Cindy's lost 100 pounds, but this stay-at-home mom says she's not quite ready to donate her baggy clothes. "I'm 42 years old, but I dress like I'm 62," she says. "I think my style is frump and it's hiding things. I have no idea what style I should be."
Cindy after

Rita says it's time for Cindy to start focusing on herself and show off all that hard work! "One of her amazing features is that she has a very, very tiny waist and we wanted to play that up," Rita says. "She looks really hot."

Rita also has another weight loss tip for Cindy. "Donate those clothes, sell them or give them away," she says. "You'll feel a lot lighter without even having to diet."

Cindy says she feels like she's 28 years old again. "I feel like a new woman," she says.

Skirt: MICHAEL by Michael Kors; sweater: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren; boot: MICHAEL by Michael Kors; belt: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren; necklace: Givenchy; bracelet: Anne Klein
Stacy before

Stacy's husband has three ways to describe her style: conservative, old and out of style. The 35-year-old mother of two admits she dresses like an old lady—granny bun and all.

Now that she's ready to go back to work, Stacy's wants to say goodbye to her decade-old suits and mom jeans.

Stacy after

Rita to the rescue! With the help of makeup artist Collier Strong and hairstylist Oscar Blandi, Rita's brought Stacy back into her 30s. "She's going back to being a professional. She has two little kids, recently lost 30 pounds, and she wanted to look really hot and really professional," she says. "Now, this is not the professional top. But this pencil skirt she can wear with a sweater, a blouse, a white shirt, a vest, a T-shirt even."

Collier's natural makeup look will also be a breeze for this busy mom. "I used three products on her," he says. "Eye liner and a lot of blush to bring her skin to light and a bold lip."

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Stacy says she's ready for the office—and a date night with her husband. "I think I look amazing."

Skirt: Anne Klein NY; blouse: Intimately Free; belt: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren; shoes: Nine West, 'Barbe'; bracelet: Nine West
Angela before

Angela's been dyeing her hair since she went prematurely gray at age 18. "Last year, I decided to go natural. I thought I was going to be liberated, but now I am just dying inside," she says. "I'm 43 years old, and people think I'm 65. I feel old. I feel like there are grandfathers hitting on me instead of men my own age."

Since she stopped dying her hair, Angela says her whole look has changed. "I've given up the short skirts, the boots, the dresses," she says. "I just don't feel good about myself."

Also complicating matters is a closet full of clothes that have never been worn. "I think my biggest problem is I have a lot of clothes," she says. "I just don't know how to put them together."

Angela after

Rita called style gurus Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo to help lift Angela out of her frumpy funk. 

How Jesse and Joe helped Rita overcome her fear of color

Jesse and Joe went through Angela's closet and decided what needed to stay—and what needed to go. "All of the clothes that she's wearing here she actually had in her closet," Rita says. "They had never been worn, but she didn't know how to put them together."

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Hair stylist Oscar Blandi helped prove that blondes really do have more fun. Because gray can be hard to hide, Oscar recommends Angela touch up her color every 45 days. "She has the most beautiful eyes and skin, and now she's a hot blonde," Rita says.

Angela loves her new style. "I'm not going back," she says.
Tamara before

At 52, Tamara has found herself trapped in a fashion time warp. From skorts to sundresses, Tamara is still wearing some of her high school wardrobe—including a beach dress from 1973.

When she's not channeling her teen years, Tamara says you can find her in cargo pants. "My husband absolutely abhors these, but I like them," she says. "I've got a cargo pant for every day of the week."

"Cargo's gotta go," Rita says.

Tamara after

Rita brings Tamara into this century, emphasizing her inner essence at the same time. "Her three words for herself were artistic, sexy and feminine," Rita says.

Tamara's look is artistic, yet comfortable. "We put her into some stretch jeans that fit her amazing. Look, she's in great shape," Rita says. "We still have this artistic kind of look to her."

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With new glasses and a sexy blond hairstyle, this California girl is brought to tears when she sees her new look. "It's like bringing who I am forward," she says.

Boots: BCBGeneration, Michy platform boots; jeans: 7 for All Mankind, Gwenevere; blouse: Nannette LePore; necklace: Monet; eyewear: See Eyewear, SeeOptical.com
Laurali before

At 67, Laurali is working harder than ever. This mother of four has already put all her children through private school, but she continues to work 12 to 18 hours a day at her catering company.

Laurali's daughter Konyia says her mother used to love fashion. Now, you can only find her wearing sweats with her hair in a bun. "My mother is an incredibly hard worker," Konyia says. "She always gives, gives, gives—never ever, ever expecting to receive anything in return."

Laurali after

Rita and Laurali hit the stores! "She was game for everything," Rita says. "What I loved about her is she said she wanted to look professional and elegant. And we wanted her to feel that she could still get around her business and not feel like, 'Oh, well, I can't work in this.'"

Now, Laurali can take her look anywhere. "We gave her a white shirt that she can roll up the sleeves. She has her jacket if she is going out to meet the customers," Rita says. "Instead of the tennis shoes, we got her ballet slippers so that she can still be in her flats and work and do her job."

Laurali wasn't even afraid to cut her hair. "These two days have been beautiful for me," she says.

Konyia says her mother looks gorgeous. "Years have been released, lifted," she says. "She looks alive. This is the mom that I grew up knowing that I like to emulate, and she's back." 

Shoes: Anne Klein AK; jeans: Levi's, skinny jean; shirt: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren; jacket: MaxMara, weekend; scarf: Adrienne Vittadini 

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