Authorities have told us that there are at least a dozen scams currently being perpetrated which promise tickets, travel and money from The Oprah Show . You should know that Harpo never sells tickets or travel packages and you can click here for specific Harpo ticket information. Harpo also does not ask you to pay to either enter a sweepstakes or collect tickets, nor do we send unsolicited checks in the mail. If Harpo ever sponsors any kind of sweepstakes, it will be featured on—so always check our website to confirm if an offer is the real thing.

We encourage anyone who receives a letter, e-mail or phone call claiming that they are the winner of a sweepstakes which uses Harpo or Ms. Winfrey's name or likeness, to verify its authenticity before taking any action. All official Harpo-related sweepstakes notifications will contain contact information through which its validity can be confirmed.


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