Her makeup-free Facebook photos inspired women everywhere to stand up and cheer, sparking a national conversation about truth and beauty. Now, after taking Oprah's stage, Teri Hatcher is continuing the discussion on Oprah.com.

Desperate Housewives actress opens up about why beauty isn't defined by a dress size, what she learned from her mother about aging and how women can stop criticizing—and start embracing—themselves.

Q: What is your definition of beauty?

A: Beauty is a combination of qualities. I don't think one can deny that certain people or things feel aesthetically pleasing. But without an equally pleasing being behind that form, there is no beauty there.

Q: When do you feel most beautiful?

A: When I'm my most healthy. And by that, I mean eating right, exercising, lifting weights and also sleeping well, experiencing joy, seeing friends, camping, hiking, laughing. When that combination is in balance, I feel strong, focused, happy and definitely my most beautiful. It is certainly not based on a scale or a dress size.


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