Joni Harrell and Kim Nash

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Joni Harrell and Kim Nash, 26-year-old friends from Lee Summit, Missouri, spend their combined $2,000 on six projects helping children, families, the elderly, U.S. soldiers and dogs.

First, they arrange for dental care for a 4-year-old boy named Cody who needs to have some cavities filled. Cody's dad was relieved to find a way to pay for the work, but Cody was more excited about the Legos Joni and Kim gave him.

The friends also arrange to fix a furnace for another family they find through Head Start, but they never get the chance! The HVAC company does it for free so Joni and Kim "pay forward" the family's heating bill by giving them a $300 credit.

Next, they donate coffee and Bingo prizes to a senior citizens home. They complete the challenge by sending care packages to three soldiers serving overseas and donating toys and treats for dogs at a local shelter.

Joni says the challenge taught her a great lesson. "It doesn't take a lot to make the life of someone else a whole lot better, even if we think it is something small."

The projects gave Kim a new appreciation. "[I have a] deep sense of accomplishment for what we were able to get done in such a short period and how many people we were able to reach."