Eleanor and James Gilliam

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Most people take months to plan a stylish wedding—but Eleanor and James Gilliam have less than a week to pull one off!

For their challenge, the Gilliams decide to help Kirstie and Nathan— a couple who doesn't have money for a fancy wedding.

They buy Kirstie a bridal gown and rent a tux for Nathan. They find people to donate rings, a limousine and an outdoor location for the ceremony, and they buy the cake and book a honeymoon suite. The couple is overwhelmed with joy at the wedding surrounded by loving friends and family who want to support them in their new life.

The Gilliams may have a future in wedding planning—all that and they still have money left over to give away! With the extra money, they give a single mother a $500 gift card to buy Christmas presents for her children and donate to a scholarship for a student spring break camp.

"Nothing can compare to seeing other people filled with joy because of something you've done for them." Eleanor says.