John Travolta dancing

November 26, 1996
After appearing on the Oprah Show stage 11 times, John Travolta has become a fan favorite and one of  Oprah's ultimate guests. It all began in 1996 when John danced his way onto the set for the first time to show off some of his famous moves.
John Travolta in 1999

June 11, 1999
Sporting a new look, John talked with Oprah about finding the joy in life. "I love John because John loves life," Oprah says. "It's such a blessing to have that in the good times because for a lot of people, bad things have to happen to them for them to get it the way you have."

"I do value life," John says. "Life is to be enjoyed at whatever level you can find the pleasure and the joy in it."
John Travolta and Oprah

March 25, 2003
It's crunch time! To get ready for his role in the movie Basic, John worked out with a personal trainer and amped up his routine. Looks like his hard work paid off!
John Travolta and Gayle King toast to Oprah.

January 29, 2004
John helped host Oprah's blowout 50th birthday party and brought her to tears with his moving toast.

"To the most wonderful person in the world, Oprah Winfrey, our friend. And it's not just because you went out of your way to make sure that 50,000 underprivileged children in South Africa had their first Christmas gift or that you want to put schools throughout that country, but also because you inject the spirit into our society of life. You care. Your intelligence, your inspiration, and you do it all without judging, and because you treat everyone equally important, and this makes you a great American hero," John says. "You represent the best of our country and what's possible in our country. But, more importantly, you are a citizen of the world, and you are a hero to mankind. So we are better for knowing you, Oprah. We are. And to boot, you are beautiful. You are sexy. You're talented, and we love you so much, we can't take it."
Oprah and John Travolta

September 20, 2004
John made an appearance to talk about the real-life heroes he portrayed in the film Ladder 49, a tribute to the firefighters who put their lives on the line every day.
John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston

September 7, 2005
In 2005, John and his wife, Kelly Preston, loaded up a jet and landed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with 5 tons of supplies for Hurricane Katrina's evacuees. They came bearing blankets, pillows, diapers,  water and food for thousands of families that sought shelter near the state capital.
John Travolta and Tim Allen

February 6, 2007
John and Tim Allen shared some laughs about working together on the movie Wild Hogs.
John Travolta dances with Oprah.

May 16, 2007
John got back to his dancing roots in the movie Hairspray...and taught Oprah some of his favorite moves from the musical!

John helps Oprah kick off her farewell season