'Twas the night before favorite things, and all through the studio...
Harpo crew members

Harpo "elves" hard are at work backstage, preparing to transform the set into Santa's workshop.
Winter wonderland

...And a chic winter wonderland.
Trees and garland

Trees, garlands and wreaths for both favorite things sets come together in one section of our studio.

Gumdrops are placed atop a gigantic gingerbread house.
Gingerbread house

The gingerbread house takes shape in its beginning stages.
Gingerbread house

Crews construct the gingerbread house's festive red door.
Giant gift box

The gold bow and gift top will cover up the top-secret, newly redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle.
Harpo crew member

Crew members arrange all of Oprah's Favorite Things for top-secret photo shoots.

Dozens of perfectly wrapped presents make their way onto the set.
Harpo crew members

Crew members test the giant jack-in-a-box, which hides a huge surprise!
Sally Lou

Audience coordinator Sally Lou goes over all the details with skilled set designers.
Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things set

The crew makes last-minute, finishing touches before showtime. 
Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things set

Before the lucky audience takes their seats, there's one last walk-through to make sure everything's perfect!
Oprah's winter wonderland set

Then, the winter wonderland set comes together.
Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things gift bags

Gift bags are ready and waiting for unsuspecting audience members.
Harpo crew members

The hardworking Harpo "elves" who designed and constructed our festive toy workshop and chic winter wonderland gather on set.
Oprah with Santa and his elf.

Finally, it's showtime! Happy giving to all, and to all, a good night... 

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