Nan Talese, publisher and chief editor of James Frey's 'A Million Little Pieces'

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Oprah: You never questioned it? You never questioned it.

Nan: No.

Oprah: Because I'm thinking as a reader, up until this moment sitting on the show, that Lilly hung herself. Well, obviously after all these reports came out I started to think, "Well, if he wasn't in jail, if that's true, and he wasn't in jail all that time, and he was trying to get to Lilly, maybe there wasn't even a Lilly."

Nan: Well, no, I understand that. And I understand the questioning. The tragedy is not in the hanging or slitting her wrists. It's in the suicide. And I'm not excusing it. I'm just saying the effect that it had on me and it had on you.

Oprah: Okay. Then it needs to say "based on a true story." It needs to then say "based on a true story."