Oprah, Sunny and Lauren

On January 29, 2010, Oprah turned 56. "I did decide, though, to get myself a little birthday gift this year. Actually, I thought I'd get myself two," she says. "I want you to meet my two new babies."

Welcome Sunny and Lauren! 

Sunny (above) and Lauren are 14-week-old springer spaniels, and they're sisters. "I've had a lot of dogs, but I have never had springer spaniels," Oprah says. "I've always loved springer spaniels."

Oprah says she contacted Paula Fasseas, founder of the Chicago-based no-kill shelter PAWS, and asked Paula to let her know if any springer spaniels come into the shelter. "They just arrived in time for my birthday," Oprah says. "[Paula] rescued these little gals from the pound. They could have been euthanized if they weren't adopted. Can you believe that? And now they're gonna go home with me."

Oprah says these little girls were meant to be in her life. "I thought that I was going to name my next dog Lauren," she says. "So when I heard this dog was Lauren, I thought it was fate."
Sunny and Oprah

Once the puppies receive their last vaccine, they'll be ready to come home and meet Sadie, Luke and Layla. Oprah's also making sure Sunny and Lauren will be spayed when they're old enough. 

Paula from PAWS says spaying and neutering can help all dogs live longer. "It prevents lots of cancers, many cancers in both male and female," she says. "And they're so much more sociable. ... Un-neutered, unfixed animals don't really socialize as well."

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Collars for Sunny and Lauren

Even though it's Oprah's birthday, Sunny and Lauren are getting some special gifts of their own. Ali Wentworth sent along these glitzy collars for the girls! 

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