In just a few years, Anne Hathaway has gone from teen princess to Oscar host! This year, she graced the academy's stage as the youngest host of all time. Along with her co-host James Franco, she led the night with song, dance and eight costume changes—that's seven gowns and one tuxedo!

How did Anne get her Oscar hosting gig? She tells the real story—watch now!

Anne says she just "came to have a good time," and she definitely accomplished that. "I had a blast. I kept waiting to become nervous...and the whole thing from beginning to end was just a pure joy," she says. "I was so glad to be part of a team. I thought my co-host James Franco did an incredible job."

Anne says she and James had a lot of fun playing off their different energies, especially when they shot the opening sequence—a process that took about five weeks due to James' busy school schedule.

"In addition to hosting the Oscars and being nominated himself, he's also a student at two different universities and is getting his PhD," Anne says. "As soon as the [Oscar] show ended, he hopped a plane and is in class right now. ... I just partied. I said, 'I'm partying and doing can go to class!"


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