In The King's Speech, Colin's character develops an unlikely friendship with his speech therapist, who is played by Oscar nominee Geoffrey Rush. Off-screen, the two actors became good friends as well—and some even say they have "boy crushes" on each other.

"We text each other...we write to each other sort of as famous couples, [like] Thelma and Louise," Geoffrey jokes. "He said once, 'You're an Andrews sister to my Andrews sister.'"

What did Colin give Geoffrey on the day of the Oscars? Watch now! 

Geoffrey, who also served as an executive producer on the film, says he's been "blown away" by its success. Initially, though, he says he had his doubts that people would want to see it.

"This is about two middle-aged men who became friends. This is not a genre that has lines around the block," he says. "But we knew there was a wonderful story to be told, so we knuckled down and go on and made the film. Bit by bit, audiences became aware of it and started to give it standing ovations and going to see it two or three times."


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