Liza Minnelli, the grand dame of New York and a living legend, has done it all. With four Tony® awards, a Grammy®, an Oscar® and an Emmy® under her belt, she's the ultimate entertainer.

Showbiz is in Liza's genes. Her father was Oscar-winning filmmaker Vincent Minnelli, and her mother was actress Judy Garland, best known for her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Liza started performing at an early age, appearing onstage alongside her superstar mother. "When she came out, I was not onstage with my mama," Liza says. "I was onstage with Judy Garland."

Over the years, Liza's become famous for her record-breaking one-woman Broadway shows and her starring role in the movie version of Cabaret. Privately, however, Liza's life wasn't always such a celebration. She's been very open about her struggles with addiction and relationships.

At 64 years old, Liza has put her troubles behind her and is thrilling millions of fans with her new album, Confessions.


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