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A producer's perspective at The Oprah Show

Check in and read my blog...write back too!

Producer DanaDana
Find out what I'm working on for next week's show!

Producer Eric 
The inside scoop on what's going on at The Oprah Winfrey Show

Producer GinaGina
If you're watching an Oprah Show about orgasms, organization or investments, it's probably one of mine! 

Producer HeatherHeather
I'm a producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, blogging about all the behind-the-scenes action.   

Producer JackJack
Get the inside scoop of the show I'm working on and more!

Producer JennaJenna
Team Jenna is working hard!    

Producer JillJill
As a producer of Oprah's Book Club, reading of all kinds is my passion!     

Producer JulieJulie
What the Dreamteam has in the works...     

Producer LeslieLeslie
Blogging about everything that goes on backstage!


Producer SuzanneSuzanne
Giving you the inside scoop!

Producer TaraTara
Find out what my team is producing next!  

Producer TerryTerry
The excitement it takes to put together a great Oprah Show is all right here.


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