Julian Pavone

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You've heard of the Little Drummer Boy, but you've never heard a little drummer boy like this! At just 3 months old, Julian Pavone got his first set of drumsticks and started pounding out beats like Ringo. "My husband plays the drums, and he was practicing one day and he had Julian on his lap," says Julian's mom, Lisa. "Julian reached up and grabbed the sticks, and essentially the rest has been history."

Lisa says she's not surprised that Julian started playing the drums before he was potty-trained. "It started in the womb with him. He was very active. I always had music on my belly, and he kicked very regularly from the start," she says. "He must have been feeling the groove."

Lisa says she's thrilled by her son's accomplishments. "He sat in front of the drum seat at 6 months old in the high chair. He started doing drum rolls. He started playing beats at 9 months," she says. "He had some professional musicians really help him along the way and acknowledge his talent as well."