Rickie Taylor and Erik Linder

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Cutting a rug on Oprah's stage are 7-year-old ballroom dancers Rickie Taylor and Erik Linder. After two years of showcasing their talents in more than 20 competitions, Erik and Rickie waltzed, jived and fox-trotted their way to the USA Dance National Championships, where they took home a top prize!

This talented twosome has only been dancing for three years. Erik says he was inspired to put on his dancing shoes after seeing his parents take lessons. "They started first, so I thought it would be kind of fun, so I tried a few classes," he says. "Then I got really into it, and then it became superfun to me."

Rickie says she never has trouble picking out a pretty outfit to wear—she likes the actual performances more than the fashion. She's also a fan of Dancing with the Stars. Does she think there should be a version for kids? "Yeah!" Rickie says.