Critics have called his talent "spellbinding," but 10-year-old accordionist Guyland Leday has never taken a music lesson in his life. This young prodigy from Louisiana's bayou says he learned to play in a most unusual way.

When he was 3 years old, Guyland says his great-grandfather Delton Broussard, a famous accordion player, appeared in his dream and showed him how to play. "He came up in my dreams and gave me his accordion," he says. "I just started playing."

Since that night, Guyland's fast-moving fingers have wowed audiences throughout the Gulf Coast. He's even featured in the HBO special The Music in Me, currently airing on HBO Family.

Oprah says she's been blown away by every one of her young guests. "You've all achieved way beyond your years already," she says. "I cannot wait to see what the future holds for everybody."